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The recent rise in popularity of dragons is funny because half of it is because of Game of Thrones and half of it is because of How To Train Your Dragon so all these dragon posts are going around and you never know which fandom you’re gonna brush shoulders with it’s like walking into a dragon’s lair and not knowing if you’re gonna get this


or this


don’t forget the most fabulous of them all


All that stuff about thigh gaps, and all that stupid shit like that that’s emblematic of the pressures young women are under even more than when I was young. I can say fuck the thigh gap, and people go, oh, maybe that is okay, then. Even just to have one contrary voice in that sea of voices telling them to be thinner, or they’ve got to have perfect flawless skin and have no body-hair or no-one will date them… I wasted so much time when I was younger worrying about fat legs. Fuck it. It’s bollocks.

Louise Brealey, The Herald Interview

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In body language circles, they refer to this as a ‘curtain reveal’. Martin is an expert at acting via facial expression, or tells, he is a master craftsman. The  ’curtain reveal’ shows the person has been rummanating on an intended action, in this case one with negative context as you can glean from the mouth; no smile. The eyes have been closed or hooded, the result of the action being taken is not certain. The person begins the encounter by opening the eyes and looking up at the other person. The eyes immediately reveal the emotion, Sherlock did this twice in TEH in the tube car with the bomb, once when he was stumbling for forgiveness [and the eyes showed fear, passion and pleading] and then at the conclusion when Sherlock did this to confirm forgiveness and love. [His eyes showed mirth, acceptance and confirmation.] 

John in the above gif, shows foreboding, uncertainty, and a clear distaste for the action he is about to take. The curtain rises!!!!

Oooh. I like this!







uhm there’s only 4 of us in our house but we have 8 toothbrushes and we’re all adamant that we each only own one

Uh oh…have you checked your arms for tally marks?!

are you suggesting that there are 4 silence living in my house and brushing their teeth on a regular basis

hygiene is important to everyone

they have no mouths

don’t be racist

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